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  • Muğla GoTürkiye

    Muğla, which connects the Aegean and Mediterranean seas with its turquoise waters and virgin bays, is waiting to be explored.



    Connecting the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Muğla is known where the time has stopped, the history and nature are protected, sea and pine forests are intertwined like an aquarium.



    In order to see the historical, cultural and touristic values of Muğla, it is sometimes necessary to touch the nature, culture and history of the region.



    Due to the climatic characteristics of Muğla, the rich vegetation and the variety of herbs grown in the region, vegetables and various herbs are used in large quantities in full bear food culture.



    As soon as you set foot in Muğla, you can smell the sparkling sea, clean air and pine forests intertwined with the sea with the winds blowing from the Aegean and Mediterranean.



    Listening to the stories of hundreds of ancient cities and archaeological sites in Muğla is important in terms of understanding the historical and cultural values here.

    10 vibes for Muğla

    like locals

    Muğla Museum; Archaeology, Ethnography, Gladiators and Natural History Halls and Courtyard are located in the museum.



    48 hours

    in Muğla

    You can start by visiting Muğla's centre to explore Muğla’s cultural, historical and tourist areas. In the centre, you can first stop by at the Muğla Museum and see millions of years old unearthed fossils, and clothing and daily use items in the ethnography section.