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    This delicious dish prepared with radish, onion, garlic and pomegranate syrup is one of the local flavours of Muğla.

    Çökertme Kebab

    Çökertme Kebab, one of the famous flavours of Muğla comes out by putting veal on thinly cut potatoes and then serving with yoghurt and butter.

    Bodrum Mantısı

    Unlike normal ravioli, it is prepared by frying. The manner of folding of Bodrum Mantısı is also different from the others. After frying, it is served with yoghurt, tomato paste sauce and butter.

    Milas Köftesi

    The difference of this meatball from the others is that it is blended with chickpeas and lemon juice. This different flavor is one of the tastes of Muğla that should be tried.

    Stuffed Brisket

    It is a kind of stuffed meat prepared from baby goat meat and cooked in the stove and then taken into stone ovens.

    Ekşili Fish

    Ekşili Fish, which will delight the palates of fish lovers, is prepared by combining lesser-known fish types such as coral, hanoz and sokkan with ingredients such as garlic, lemon and tomato paste.

    Baby Goat Stew

    Made with a blend of goat meat, chickpeas, onion, tomato paste and olive oil, this stew has a very delicious taste. Those who wish can also try this delicious flavour with beef or lamb.

    Muğla Ring

    Muğla ring, prepared with ingredients such as flour, olive oil, sugar, eggs and baking soda, is one of the famous pastries of the region. Muğla Ring, where those who want can add flavour to their taste with walnut, will be the stopping point for those who want both a satisfying and sweet taste.

    Octopus Stew

    Karaville Stew

    Stuffed Gray Mullet

    Stuffed Squash Blossoms

    Fresh Cowpeas with Garlic Sauce

    Green Beans with Sour Sauce

    Kaya Koruğu Salad

    Sautéed Meadow Mushrooms

    Tray Pastry with Herbs