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  • 48 hours

    in Muğla

    First Day

    You can start by visiting Muğla's centre to explore Muğla’s cultural, historical and tourist areas. In the centre, you can first stop by at the Muğla Museum and see millions of years old unearthed fossils, and clothing and daily use items in the ethnography section. Then, you can go to Muğla Culture House Yağcılar Inn, Clock Tower and Saburhane Square respectively, from here you can take a lunch break by visiting Historical Arasta. You can visit Kurşunlu and Şeyli Mosque by tasting one of the special flavours of the region at dinner, then you can go to Karabağlar Plateau to spend time with nature by getting away a little and you can rest and end the day.

    Second Day

    After spending the first day in historical, cultural and natural areas in the centre of Muğla;

    Visiting Muğla 's all being a separate heaven; Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Köycegiz, Datça, Milas Ortaca each one or more of them, enjoying the sea-sand-sun, making boat tours to bays and blue voyage, visiting museums and ruins in Bodrum Museum, the Mausoleum Memorial Museum, Fethiye Museum, Marmaris Museum, Xanthos-Letoon ancient cities (UNESCO Heritage List), Stratonikeia ancient city of Herakleia the ancient city of Caunos ruins of Knidos ancient city of Tlos ancient city, Hecatomnus Tomb and Sanctuary of Muğla’s districts, joining Lycian or Karin road hiking trails, complete by seeing the butterfly genus of Butterfly Valley or caretta the caretta on the İztusu beach.