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    Listening to the stories of hundreds of ancient cities and archaeological sites in Muğla is important in terms of understanding the historical and cultural values here.

    While you are spending your holiday in Muğla, you will travel to the past with the stories of ancient cities and archaeological sites, the enthusiastic sound of the waterfalls and the chirping of the birds will delight your ears when you go on a nature walk. You will accompany the melodies in music festivals, art events and concerts; you will find peace with the sound of the sea and wind in deep waters.

    When you listen Muğla songs, you will feel people of Muğla, their love, their pain and their longing and in brief feel deeply all their feelings.

    Folk songs

    Folk songs have an important place in the music culture of Muğla. The phonetics of four different societies, named Turkmens, Nogais, Azeris and Tatars, constitute the richness of Muğla dialect. This richness can also be seen in the folk songs of the Muğla region.

    In folk songs unique to the Muğla region, the issues of sadness and death generally come to the fore. "Ormancı", "Çökertme", "Bodrum Judge", "Feraye" and "Kerimoğlu Zeybeği " are among the most famous folk songs of Muğla.

    Almost every song has a story in Muğla, where folk songs play an important role in shaping the music culture.

    Halikarnas Fisherman

    Do not leave the region without listening to the story, essay and novel writer Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, who is identified with Bodrum by Turkish literature, telling about life, nature, sea, seamen, sponge hunters, fishermen, fish, birds in Bodrum and its surrounding in his novels and stories.

    "In Bodrum / When you come up the hill / You will see Bodrum / Do not think that / You will go as you came / Those before you / were like you / They all left their minds / in Bodrum..."

    Underwater World / Diving

    The discovery of the underwater world in Muğla dates back to ancient times. One of the most important means of livelihood of the Bodrum Peninsula is sponge. Türkiye is also known with its significant contribution to the development of underwater archaeology and tourism.

    Especially the Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris coasts are among the most suitable diving spots with their archaeological history and richness of underwater flora and fauna.

    In addition to benefiting from the sea and the sun as much as possible with the blue voyage, underwater dives can be made on the coast of Muğla, which extends to the Mediterranean Sea, and sea lovers can see the secrets of thousands of years underwater and the natural beauty of marine life.